The Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast offers a local environment that is diverse in nature. When visiting Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island you’ll find coastal waterfronts, inland forests, and cultural centers making there much to explore. With a variety of landscapes to discover you can hike, fish, kayak, paddleboard, and more. The diverse local environment is unique and makes ecotourism along the Emerald Coast educational as well as enjoyable!

The waterways and bodies of water found throughout Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island host exciting ecotourism spots with plenty of nature to explore.   Coastal plant life, marine habitats, and the sugar-white quartz beaches make the area a perfect destination for the eco-tourist.  The marine life found on the Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast is home to fascinating animals such as the sea turtle, bottlenose dolphin, and a variety of fish and marine life species.  Experience a variety of tours and excursions that allow for an up-close view of the natural environment and the animal inhabitants. 

Want to learn about sea turtle migration, egg-laying and the importance of its survival? The Emerald Coast CVB’s Nighttime Educational Beach Walks are part of an effort to protect the sea turtle population and are an informative and fun activity.  Stop at the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier for a day of fishing or take in the views as a spectator.  The pier reaches almost ¼ miles into the Gulf of Mexico and is a favorite spot among nature lovers. 

A visit to one of the many parks is always a great way to spend a day.  Immerse yourself in our coastal landscapes along the waterfront or inland on one of our many parks and trails.  With parks like Henderson Beach State Park, local waterfront spots like Ross Marler or Liza Jackson Park there is plenty to do both on land or on water. Whether you want to fish, bird-watch, stroll along a boardwalk or launch a boat each park provides different amenities for everyone visiting the Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast.

Surround yourself with the ecological beauty found on the Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast.  Experience the natural ecosystems found within our various land and seascapes! With endless activities to partake in, such as boating, swimming, bird-watching, or fishing there is something for everyone to discover in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island’s outdoor oasis!