Take the Perfect Family Beach Photos

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With our iconic sugar-white sand and glistening emerald-green water, it’s hard to take a bad photo on our world-renowned beaches. Add in your beautiful family and you have all the elements for a picture people back home will envy. But, if you’re still not convinced you can capture a fantastic family photo in Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island yourself, we have some tips to make sure things develop beautifully.


5. Keep it Simple.

Pack Light. While we’re sure you’re dangerous with a Canon or that you can count on your Nikon, you don’t need the best cameras to take the best pictures. You’re on vacation, you’re traveling, and you have better things to pack and worry about than your expensive, bulky camera and collection of fancy lenses. Our recommendation? The smartphone you carry with you every day. Whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or Google phone, you’ll be able to take some fantastic photos you and your family will cherish for years to come with the tap of your screen using our other four tips!


4. Location, Location, Location

It’s not just about choosing one of our beautiful beaches, it’s about where on the beach you take your photos. Like with any picture, make sure the sun is behind the camera. This positioning will ensure your pics are properly lit and your family’s smiling faces are clear and visible. If you’re going for that iconic sunset picture, tap your phone’s screen in one of the darker areas to brighten the photo. Next, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island is known as the Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast. So, you’ll want to make sure those emerald-green waves are in the background of your pictures. Shoot towards the water and away from the land when possible. But, make sure to capture some of our iconic sugar-white sand in each shot as well. Finally, the area’s sand dunes are some of our favorite and most precious natural wonders. And, while a photo op with our famous dunes is understandable, it’s imperative you treat them with care and respect. Never climb on, touch or disturb the dunes in any way, and don’t enter restricted or protected areas found throughout the destination. Grab some pictures, but help us ensure these beautiful sand dunes stand tall for generations to come.

3. Water, Water Everywhere

When you play in the water, you’re bound to get wet. While modern smartphones are waterproof or water resistant, they’re not immune to salt water. If you’re getting your phone or camera close to the water, and we suggest you do if you want your photos to make a splash, take the proper precautions. It’s likely there are a variety of watertight cases available for your specific phone or camera. But, don’t be afraid to seal your phone in a clear, plastic Ziploc bag for an easy, touchscreen-friendly alternative to cumbersome cases. Just make sure not to leave your bag at the beach. Wading out into the surf can create unique, fun, in-the-moment photos that will capture the excitement and beauty of splashing around in the area’s emerald-green water.

2. Vet it and Edit

Taking the perfect beach family photo happens as much off the beach as it does on the beach. While on the beach, take serious pictures, take goofy ones, take ones where everyone is standing still, take ones where everyone is running around, just keep snapping. Then, when you’re back in your hotel room or vacation rental, and the kids are asleep, your “perfect picture” develops. Go through your pictures from the day and identify the best ones. Delete the ones you absolutely dislike and hold onto the ones you’re unsure about…for now. Then, edit until you’re happy. There are a number of free editing apps available, as well as editing features within social media apps you’re already using. Crop, add filters, and remove red eyes where necessary. This is where the magic happens. Your favorite bloggers and social media personalities all do the same thing. Shoot 10 photos to get one that’s worth sharing and displaying back home.

1. Be Different. Be Bold. Be YOU!

Finally, be bold, be different and be you. Everyone has that photo of the whole family’s silhouette looking out at the sunset. On every dad’s Facebook page is a picture of him waist-deep in the water with a child dangling from each bicep. Every mom posts a picture of her making a heart with her hands around the setting sun. And you should get those pictures too. They’re cute. However, don’t stop there. Go above and beyond with your creativity and make something as unique as the sugar-white sands of our beaches. Write your family’s names in the sand, capture moments reflected in sunglass lenses or in the waves themselves, and make as many goofy faces as possible. Sure, a picture of the whole family holding hands and jumping at once is great. But, don’t forget to snap a few pictures of dad sleeping under a beach umbrella or the kids destroying the sand castle you spent the last hour building for them. These moments together at the beach is what family vacations are all about. Capture them while you can and enjoy them for a lifetime.