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A Unique Love Needs Unique Activities

      Your love is unlike any other, so why would you want to vacation like everyone else? Take your love to new places with our suggestions for romance off the beaten path.  

Axe the Big Questions

      Got an axe to grind? Need to bury the hatchet? (Okay, that was our last one.) If you’re looking to remind people why you’re the cool couple, check out Ratchet Hatchet in downtown Fort Walton Beach. Bring your favorite food and drinks to this safe, indoor axe throwing range for a date night that cuts through the bland and boring. (Okay, that was our last one for sure.) Whether you’re a competitive axe thrower (we were surprised this was a thing too) or you need some lessons from the friendly and knowledgeable staff, this is one date night that can hack it. (Now we’re done.)  

Let Your Worries Float Away

      Described as, “floating like a cork in Epsom salt water with a temperature that mimics that of your skin, where you don’t experience the pull of gravity, sight, sound, or touch,” float therapy helps to reduce stress, anxiety and even blood pressure. Float Brothers of Destin is the Emerald Coast’s first and only float spa and makes for an unusual but beneficial couple’s activity. Even though you’ll be in a float pod alone, this is a wonderful idea for couples because you’ll both leave feeling more relaxed and prepared to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.  

Taste to Wine About

      Save those overly touristy restaurants for another night and check out the cool decor and fabulous flavors of Taste Tapas & Wine Bar. Discover a menu that’s willing to take risks to create unforgettable unique dishes not found anywhere else. Sample a variety of wines and rely on the knowledgeable staff to create food and wine pairings that will make this a date night to remember.  

Love is Brewing

      Floating in saltwater, sipping wine … isn’t this supposed to be a list of unique couple’s activities? How about this? Take your sweetheart to one of the area’s local breweries for local flavors as one-of-a-kind as your love for each other. Destin Brewery or Props Brewery & Grill offer tours of their craft beer facilities, detailed explanations on how their beers are brewed and the science that makes it all work, and plenty of samples for you both to enjoy.  

Love is a Garden … dig it

      Well … a beer garden at least. The Other End Restaurant and Beergarden offers great food, an extensive selection of delicious beer and wine, and entertaining live music. Enjoy a drink on the deck, watch the boats move through the harbor and do something a little different with your date night.  

Does Your Love Still Give you Butterflies

      It may have been a while since the last time you felt butterflies while looking at your partner. Luckily, we have enough butterflies for both of you. Every fall, monarch butterflies pass through the area in droves as they migrate further south. Locals support the butterfly migration by planting milkweed in their gardens and avoiding the use of pesticides. Fall is already a great time for couples to visit the area because school is back in session and beaches are less crowded. Add in the brilliance of thousands of butterflies fluttering throughout the area, and you have a romantic getaway that’s unlike anywhere else in the world.  

Bites on the Beach

      Whether you’re planning a picnic or enjoying some toes-in-the-sand dining at a waterfront restaurant, grabbing a bite on the beach is the epitome of romance in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island. Pick up some local flavor from an area shop such as the Destin Ice House for an intimate picnic on the shore, or visit a waterfront restaurant like the Beachwalk Café for a dining experience that literally puts your table on the sand only a few feet from the water.  

Healthy Competition

      Sure, holding hands and walking down the beach is fine for some couples. But not you. You’re not like most couples. You’re looking for a little more excitement in your relationship and, more importantly, you’re looking to win. The ultimate in off-the-beaten-path couple’s activities, fishing and golfing doesn’t get any better than in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa Island. Tee off beneath clear blue skies with a number of beautiful golf courses near and far from the shore. Or, get out on the water and see who can reel in the biggest fish. Whether it’s on the green or on a hook, competition can bring people together and strengthen a relationship, just don’t be a sore loser.