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The Emerald Chef: Meet Kevin Wynn from The Black Pearl

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“You can get grouper anywhere, but you can’t get grouper like we get here anywhere.” – Chef Kevin Wynn

What’s the difference between eating fresh fish from a restaurant in the Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast and eating fish somewhere else? We asked Executive Chef Kevin Wynn of The Black Pearl in Ft. Walton Beach his opinion.

Café Cravings on the Emerald Coast

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When it comes to locally owned restaurants and specialty coffee houses, the Emerald Coast is home to some of the areas finest. Whether you are drawn to the intoxicating smell of freshly roasted coffee beans or wish to indulge and relax at some of the areas local spots, here in The Heart of Florida’s Emerald Coast you and your family can enjoy it all.

Concrete to Reefs: A Community Partnership to Create an Artificial Reef

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We were making two artificial reefs. The sun was bright on the water as I watched the barge get ready to unload its cargo. With nearly 500 tons of concrete on board, it would take hours for each piece of material to be placed in the Gulf, approximately 2.8 southwest of East Pass. With a giant splash that flew a dozen feet into the air, the first concrete piece, looking like a giant quarter, went overboard.

Red Tide

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Red tide is the common name for a harmful algal bloom. Along the Florida Gulf Coast, the algae that causes these blooms is Karenia brevis, abbreviated to K. brevis. The algae is naturally found in the Gulf, and there have been records of these blooms for hundreds of years, the most recent occurring in October of 2015.

Monarch Butterflies along the Emerald Coast

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Though the Emerald Coast does not experience changing autumn leaves, traditional orange colors do arrive every fall in the form of migrating monarch butterflies.

Rocky Bayou State Park

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There was a hush over Rocky Bayou State Park when I pulled into a visitor parking lot just after 8 a.m. The campground was full, but many were still sleeping, and in the cool of the morning I felt like I had most of the park to myself.

West Destin Jetty

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I pulled into the parking lot a little after 6 p.m., just as the sun was beginning its evening descent in earnest but before the sunset colors. Other visitors were swimming in the emerald waters off the beach, but there was a relaxed, almost serene atmosphere to the place. The Destin Bridge was busy nearby, but as I walked down the beach the noise from the cars quickly disappeared.

Fall Packing Essentials for #EmeraldCoasting

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While most of the country is starting to shovel snow and zip up their ski jackets, we are still enjoying sailing, golfing, fishing and fabulous outdoor shopping. With so many things to do during your trip to the Emerald Coast, it may seem a bit overwhelming to know exactly what to pack for your vacation. No need to fret, fashion experts at Destin Commons will take the guess work out of what you should pack in your suitcase when preparing to visit the Emerald Coast during the fall season.

Ross Marler Park

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Ross Marler Park is a relatively unknown gem, tucked away on Choctawatchee Bay behind the Emerald Coast Visitor’s Center. When I arrived in early afternoon, I was immediately struck by how calm it was compared to some of the busier beaches; truly the perfect place for a picnic lunch.

Gulf Islands National Seashore: Okaloosa Island Area

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I knew right away I was going to really like the Okaloosa Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore. I set out on the beach in mid-afternoon, enjoying the breezes and tiny waves of the Choctawatchee Bay, as compared to the larger swells on the Gulf side of Okaloosa Island. I dug my toes into the sand as I waded my way down the beach, which was dotted with swimmers, sunbathers, and a parasailor taking a break from riding the winds.

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