3 Reasons to Love Gulf-to-Table Dining

Are you looking for fresh seafood? We mean the freshest seafood. Seafood that was caught in the Gulf of Mexico only hours before it touches your plate. Not weeks, not days, but hours. Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island may not have invented the Gulf-to-Table movement, but they’re leading the charge with fresh, locally sourced seafood.

Fresh as Fresh can be

If you’re looking for a seafood dining experience that captures everything that makes Florida the amazing destination it is, then look no further than local Gulf-to-Table restaurants. Whether you’re picking up a rod and reel or just a fork you’ll love the distinct flavor of fresh, from the water to your plate seafood. Many restaurants offer Gulf-to-Table options as part of their diverse menus, but some restaurants will even clean and cook the fish you’ve caught earlier that day. This means you can spend the day fishing (a must for any visitor to the area), drop off your catch at any one of the many “Cook Your Catch” restaurants, and then come back later to enjoy the fruits of your labor prepared by one of our local, gifted chefs. Plus, with programs like FishTraxTM, you’ll know everything about the Gulf-to-Table food you enjoy, from who caught your fish to where it was caught.

Think Globally, Eat Locally

The Gulf-to-Table revolution isn’t just about enjoying fresh seafood, it’s about supporting the local community. First, Gulf-to-Table dining supports local restaurants and the locals they employ. Additionally, choosing local, Gulf-to-Table restaurants supports local fishermen working out of area marinas. Second, those looking to catch their own meal and have it prepared are not only supporting area restaurants but local charter or rental boat businesses throughout Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island. This area started out as a small fishing village that grew into one of Florida’s premier vacation destinations. While several fishing villages are disappearing around the world as commercial fishing increases, our community is thriving thanks to the Gulf-to-Table movement.

A Sustainable Practice

Besides delivering incredible flavor, Gulf-to-Table is also an environmentally friendly, sustainable practice. To ensure the freshest meals possible, seafood needs to be caught within a few days before it hits your plate. Therefore, harmful practices like overfishing have no place in a Gulf-to-Table community where freshness is key. With programs like FishTraxTM, diners know who caught their fish, where they caught it, when they caught it and that it was never frozen like meals served at other restaurants. Also, Gulf-to-Table meals are harvested in or very near the area. Convoys of semi-trucks are not required to deliver meals that are essentially caught right in our backyard. Plus, with the option to catch your own meal and have it prepared by our incredible area chefs, you know you’re only taking what you need from the earth, without causing any undue harm.

No matter your reasons for wanting to experience Gulf-to-Table seafood, be it for the fresh flavor, the local impact or the environmental impact, make sure you do it in Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island. Here, you’ll find a fishing community that likes to take it easy, have a good time and enjoy the splendor of our beautiful area. So, when you’re looking for the freshest of fresh seafood, go to the Heart of the Emerald Coast. Get your Gulf-to-Table guide today.